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Colleagues and Collaborators

Oxford Colleagues

I could not have been more fortunate in the colleagues who have worked with me over the years. Some have stayed for a relatively short time, typically three to five years, whereas others have stayed far longer. Most notable is Marianne O'Connor who was my first and only team member in 1981 and who worked with me until her retirement in 2017. Her contribution to the research and the success of CREDO (Centre for Research on Eating Disorders at Oxford) cannot be overstated. Also central to our success was Zafra Cooper. She worked with me in the early 1980s developing the Eating Disorder Examination. She then returned to the group in the 1990s to become my close academic colleague until 2016 when she left for Yale. Other long-term colleagues have been Roz Shafran, Helen Doll, Robert Peveler, Debbie Waller and Mara Catling, each of whom made a major contribution (as a clinical psychologist, statistician, psychiatrist, general practitioner and PA respectively). 

​Along the way, many others have come and gone, each making their own particular contribution. They have included Sarah Beglin, Kristin Bohn, Jacqui Carter, Debbie Hawker, Rebecca Murphy, Suzanne Straebler and Sarah Welch. In addition, there have been many research assistants, too many to list here, although Beverley Davis and Faith Barbour deserve particular mention.  

In the box below are photographs of my main Oxford colleagues.

Mentors and Collaborators

Also of immeasurable importance have been my mentors and collaborators, both local and overseas. I am immensely grateful to all of them. The main ones are listed below in alphabetical order (with their names and affiliations at the time we collaborated):


J Bancroft (Oxford); MG Gelder (Oxford); RE Kendell (Edinburgh); AJ Stunkard (Philadelphia); GT Wilson (Rutgers)


WS Agras (Stanford); KD Brownell (Yale); DM Clark (Oxford); PJ Cooper (Oxford); PJ Cowen (Oxford); R Dalle Grave (Verona); GM Goodwin (Oxford); SD Hollon (Vanderbilt); RA Hope (Oxford); RL Palmer (Leicester); V Patel (Harvard); A Stein (Oxford); RH Striegel-Moore (Wesleyan); BT Walsh (Columbia); GT Wilson (Rutgers). In the box below are photographs of some of them.

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